Standpoint War

No more tolerance to Putin’s regime! 
An appeal from scholars of the world

Two years ago, Vladimir Putin started an unprovoked full-scale military aggression against Ukraine, resulting in deaths and destruction unseen since World War II. The war against Ukraine coincided with a growing and severe crackdown on political dissent and freedom of speech within Russia. Recently, the world has been rocked by the death of Alexei Navalny, the principal political adversary of Putin. Before his incarceration, where he was tortured and murdered, Navalny survived a state-sponsored poisoning by chemical warfare. Despite that harrowing experience, he defiantly chose to return to Russia, exhibiting a true act of patriotism.
The war in Ukraine and the murder of Alexei Navalny concern not only Russia and Ukraine. Putin’s regime has shown that it poses a clear and imminent threat to humanity. Since assuming power in 2000, Putin has systematically dismantled post-Soviet democratic institutions and fueled conflicts in the former USSR states. The full-scale aggression against Ukraine and the assassination of Alexei Navalny illustrate the escalation of the threat to a new level, as Putin’s regime no longer acknowledges any constraints on violating human rights and international norms.
The horrors of the world wars in the 20th century underscored that humanity can avoid self-destruction only by upholding principles of democracy and adhering to international human rights laws. However, Putin’s regime cynically tramples upon these principles. The tragedies of 20th-century totalitarianism necessitate a commitment to freedoms and dignity of an individual. Putin blatantly violates them. He has transformed Russia into a heavily militarized police state, armed with the largest nuclear arsenal, which poses an existential threat to the world. These dangers were articulated by Alexei Navalny and other leaders of the Russian opposition, echoing the legacy of their great predecessor and 1975 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Academician Andrei Sakharov.

We, scholars from around the world, implore world leaders to vigorously advocate for peace, progress, and human rights. As members of the international academic community, we are deeply concerned that scientific progress is under threat when dictators undermine intellectual freedom, especially during a time when global cooperation is more important than ever, in the shadow of worldwide pandemics, climate change, and the existential threat of weapons of mass destruction.

We call on world leaders and all people of good will to shed any illusions about Mr. Putin and his criminal regime. History teaches us that appeasing the aggressor means encouraging further crimes against humanity. No temporary benefits can justify this. We are determined not to repeat Munich-1938!

We call on world leaders:

  •  To drastically increase assistance to Ukraine. Ukraine must win, not just ‘not lose’. Timely aid will reduce the loss of human lives and help drive out the aggressor from the Ukrainian soil. Putin’s loss in the act of military aggression will be viewed as a moral win for millions of Russians, emboldening their hopes for a democratic future and mobilizing their anti-war movement.
  • To uphold human rights and support democratic opposition in Russia. The global community must unite to protect political prisoners currently undergoing torture in Russia. The lives of opposition leaders Vladimir Kara-Murza, Ilya Yashin, Lilia Chanysheva, and many others are in imminent danger.
  • To enhance support for Russian citizens who face the risk of repression due to their democratic and anti-war political beliefs and require asylum.
  • To back Russian democratic anti-Putin organizations, which includes supporting independent Russian media, whose role in driving regime change is critical.
  • To delegitimize Putin’s illegal hold on power in Russia. Despite its propaganda, Putin’s regime desperately seeks acknowledgment from the global community. Refusing to acknowledge Putin’s reelection by world leaders will send a powerful message that the world can no longer consider him a ‘partner’.

We encourage individuals of goodwill and their organizations to utilize all available resources in actively urging their political leaders to address Russian aggression and stand in support of Ukraine. We pay tribute to Alexei Navalny’s ultimate sacrifice and emphasize the importance of promoting democracy and the rule of law to integrate Russia into the community of democracies. Through collective action, we can contribute to bringing peace to Europe and preventing a global catastrophe.

  1. Svetlana Alexievich, 2015 Nobel Laureate in Literature
  2. Harvey J. Alter, 2020 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  3. Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, 2008 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  4. Thomas R. Cech, 1989 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
  5. Elias James Corey, 1990 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
  6. Shirin Ebadi, 2003 Laureate of Nobel Peace Prize
  7. Sheldon Lee Glashow, 1979 Nobel Laureate in Physics
  8. Carol W. Greider, 2009 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  9. Roald Hoffmann, 1981 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
  10. Louis J. Ignarro, 1998 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  11. Elfriede Jelinek, 2004 Nobel Laureate in Literature
  12. Takaaki Kajita, 2015 Nobel Laureate in Physics
  13. Roger D Kornberg, 2006 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
  14. Ferenc Krausz, 2023 Nobel Laureate in Physics
  15. Brian K. Kobilka, 2012 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
  16. Roderick MacKinnon, 2003 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
  17. Barry J. Marshall, 2005 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  18. John C. Mather, 2006 Nobel Laureate in Physics
  19. Michel Mayor, 2019 Nobel Laureate in Physics
  20. May-Britt Moser, 2014 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  21. Edvard Ingjald Moser, 2014 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  22. Herta Müller, 2009 Nobel Laureate in Literature
  23. Paul Nurse, 2001 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  24. James Peebles, 2019 Nobel Laureate in Physics
  25. William D. Phillips, 1997 Nobel Laureate in Physics
  26. H. David Politzer, 2004 Nobel Laureate in Physics
  27. Charles M. Rice, 2020 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  28. Sir Richard J. Roberts, 1993 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  29. Bert Sakmann, 1991 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  30. Randy W. Schekman, 2013 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  31. Gregg L. Semenza, 2019 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  32. Vernon L Smith, 2002 Nobel Laureate in Economics
  33. Wole Soyinka, 1986 Nobel Laureate in Literature
  34. Gerardus ‘t Hooft, 1999 Nobel Laureate in Physics
  35. Jack W. Szostak, 2009 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  36. Drew Weissman, 2023 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  37. Eric F. Wieschaus, 1995 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
  38. Jody Williams, 1997 Laureate of Nobel Peace Prize
  39. Oleksandra Matviichuk, Head of the Center for Civil Liberties, 2022 Laureate of Nobel Peace Prize
  40. International Memorial Association, recipient of the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize
  41. Roger B. Myerson, 2007 Nobel Laureate in Economics
  42. David Wineland, 2012 Nobel Laureate in Physics

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1. Tatiana Tatarinova, Fletcher Jones Endowed Chair in Computational Biology,University of La Verne
2. Alexander Kabanov, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences,University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
3. Anna I. Krylov, USC Associates Chair in Natural Sciences and Professor of Chemistry,University of Southern California
4. Igor Efimov, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Medicine ,Northwestern University
5. Robert Luxenhofer, Professor for Soft Matter Chemistry,University of Helsinki
6. Eugene Koonin, NIH Distinguished Investigator,National Institutes of Health
7. Purificación López-García , Research Director, Biology,Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
8. Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen, Professor in Russian Environmental Studies,Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki
9. Michael Lott, Start-up investor,self-employed
10. Bastian Hauck, CEO, Dedoc Labs,#dedoc°
11. Markus Büscher, Professor of Physics,Forschungszentrum Jülich and Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
12. Jasper Albrecht, Philosoph,Universität Wien
13. Wolfgang Kiessling, Professor of Paleontology ,Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
14. Markus Lange, Prof. Dr. med.,University of Würzburg
15. Ralf Mägerle, MBA,SV Barbarella
16. Wolfgang Vierling, Diplomphysiker,Pensionist
17. Hagen Schlühr
18. Paul Dostal, Dr. rer. nat. ,University of Freiburg
19. Verónica Jaffé, PhD German Literature,Ex teacher UCV Caracas Venezuela
20. Wolfgang Lucks, —,—
21. Stefan Junker, Dr.,Helm Stierlin Institute, Heidelberg
22. Arnulf Christian Mattes, Professor of Musicology,University of Bergen
23. Γιώργης Φωτόπουλος , Master of Arts,Filmmaker
24. Sebastian Schmitz, Mr,Managing Owner
25. Martin Hudelmaier, M.D. Professor of Anatomy,Paracelsus Medical University PMU
26. Cristel Wiese , Dr.,Okay
27. Petra Esser-Boval , Mrs.,none
28. Peter Lämmel , Dr. rer. pol.,Pensionär (retired)
29. Steffen Desch, Professor of Medicine,Heart Center Leipzig
30. Andreas Bick, Composer,
31. Dietmar Pongratz , Dipl Paed,KMS Hild
32. Mateusz Stachura , Professor of Sociology,MWI Universität Heidelberg
33. Arthur Konnerth, Professor of Neuroscience,Technical University of Munich
34. Olaf Günther , Dipl. Ing. ,Yourflow
35. Mathias Bregulla, Dipl.Ing.,Citizen
36. Peter Bozhkov, Professor of Biochemistry,Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
37. Stephan Sachse, -,-
38. Arno Fischer, Prof. Computer Sciences,TH Brandenburg Department Computer Science (retired)
39. Christian Kling, no Title,pensioner
40. Yury Gogotsi, Charles T. and Ruth M. Bach Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Distinguished University Professor Director, A.J. Drexel Nanomaterials Institute,Drexel University
41. Ralph Engel, Professor of Physics,Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
42. Andrey Tsaturyan, PhD, DSc,Tel Aviv University
43. Alexander Burin, Professor,Tulane University
44. Maryna Zaikina-Regge, PHD in criminology,Greifswald University
45. Reinhard Kraus , Diplom-Sozialwirt,Privat
46. Martin Galler, Mag.,
47. Volker Caumanns, Dr. phil.,Institute for South and Central Asian Studies, Leipzig University
48. Vitaly Volpert, Senior Researcher,Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
49. Nikon Kovalev, PhD,UT Austin
50. Leonid Gurvits, Professor of astrophysics,Joint Institute for VLBI
51. Tanja Mattern, Dr. phil.,Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
52. Jos WM van der Meer, Emeritus professor of Medicine,Radboud university, Nijmegen
53. Dmitry Tolmachev , Phd,Aalto University
54. Alfred Matthes, Diplom Sozialarbeiter,Privat
55. rainer . pankau, Professor of Medicine,Uni Kiel
56. Vittorio Alfieri, Actor,no
57. Vladimir Leksa, Dr., biochemist, molecular immunologist,Slovak Academy of Sciences
58. Matthias Tramp, Dipl.-Ing. Versorgungstechnik,Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel
59. Ernst Pernicka, Professor of Archaeometry,Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte, Universität Tübingen
60. Anastasia Ushakova, Lecturer in Biostatistics and Writer,Medical School, Lancaster University
61. Artem Sartakov , MD of physics ,Omsk state university
62. Oliver Benjamin Hemmerle , Dr.,PH Ludwigsburg
63. Johannes Wienand, Professor of Ancient History,Technische Universität Braunschweig
64. Yury Imptev, Professor of Phychology,Syktyvkar State University named after Pitirim Sorokin
65. Paul Robertus, MBA international Marketing,private
66. Bjoern Theis, Magister of Cultural Anthropology,n.a.
67. Denis Seletskiy, Professor of Engineering Physics,Polytechnique Montréal
68. Harry Vereecken, Professor and director,Forschungszentrum Jülich
69. Falk Hildebrand, Dr of BioInformatics ,Quadram Institute Bioscience
70. Peter Droge, Professor of Molecular and Biochemical Genetics,retired
71. Władysław Wachowski, Researcher in physics,LPI
72. Vehary Sakanyan, Professor of Biology,Nantes University, Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Chemistry
73. Eugene Shakhnovich , Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology ,Harvard University
74. Victor Selyutin, Leading Researcher,The Southern Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences
75. Axel Röhl, Dr.-Ing.,Pensioner
76. Klaus-Dieter Poprawa, Kein Titel,selbständig
77. Sebastian Junge , X,Private person
78. Bertolt Meyer, Professor of Psychology,Technische Universität Chemnitz
79. Renate Stauß, MD (medical doctor),Now i’m only a normal human being.
80. Fritz Stumm, Dr. rer. nat.,none
81. Klaus Hülsberg, no,no
82. Žanina Mirčevska, Dean / Professor of Drama Writing,Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana
83. Hieram Neumann-Heyme, Post Doc, Material Science,Helmholz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
84. Theo Graser, Engineer,none (retired)
85. Wolfgang Prinz , Dr.MdSc.,Biz AG
86. Eva Wichmann, Dr. med.,Praxis
87. jörg geistmann, dipl.-ing.,otto gmbh
88. Andrzej Badowiec, przedsiębiorca,none
89.  Marina Okhrimovskaya, Editor-in-chief,Russian web magazine Switzerland for all
90. Marco Petzold, Krieger,SEASIDE
91. Joachim Horn, Professor,Department of Electrical Engineering, Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg
92. Gerry Neu, Professor,LGK Esch/Alzette
93. Matthias Aschenbrenner, Professor of Mathematics,Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna
94. Markus Hildebrandt, Architect,Bankai Architekten GmbH
95. Klaus Tenbrock , Professor of Pediatrics,RWTH Aachen
96. Patrick Huber, Professor of Physics,Institute for Materials and X-ray Physics, Hamburg University of Technology
97. Yuri Bukhtiyarov, PhD, Director of Biology,Claim Therapeutics
98. Igor Roninson, Professor, Endowed Chair,Department of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences
99. Calvin Schimmler
100. Carmen Canfora, Dr. phil.,Faculty of Translation Studies, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies, University of Mainz
101. Andrey Surzhykov, Professor of Theoretical Physics,Technische Universität Braunschweig
102. Kresimir Matijevic, Professor of History,Europa-Universität Flensburg
103. Andreas Berger, Univ. Doz. Dr. Med.,University Innsbruck
104. Dirk Lahmann, Lawyer,Bremen, Germany
105. Oleksiy Shulika, Research Professor,University of Guanajuato
106. Michael M. Kochen, Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine ,University of Goettingen
107. Annette Kreß , No,No
108. Dalia Marin, Professor of Economics,Technical University of Munich, School of Management
109. DDr. Andreas Bereczky, Dr.-Ing.,Private Investor
110. Vladimir Zelevinsky, Professor of Physics,Michigan State University
111. Igor Frangez, Bsc. ETH Electrical Engineering and Information Technology,ETH Zürich
112. Peter Schubert, M. A. ,privat
113. Dr. Ilya Reviakine, Affiliate Professor Bioengineering,University of Washington, WA
114. Camilo Vargas Koch, Economist,Independent
115. Dmitry Dzhigaev, Dr,Lund University
116. Sergey Pancheshnyi, CTO,E2S Power AG
117. Anna Hammershøy, Senior Lecturer ,Business department, University College of Northern Denmark
118. Sönke Schiricke, Master of Business Administration ,Universität Hamburg
119. Benedikt Stumpf, Managing Director,wert-voll ggmbh
120. Klaus Pfeilsticker, Prof. Dr. ,Faculty of Physics&Astronomy, University of Heidelberg
121. Joes Verweyen, B.A.,Vitalum Management GmbH
122. Sergey Volvovski, Software Engineer,Analogic Corp.
123. Ekaterina Sidenko, LL.M,No
124. Bernhard Steinberger, Ph.D.,GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
125. Vladimir Litvak, Professor of Translational Neurophysiology,UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology
126. filippo romeo, none,private
127. Rainer Jordan, Professor of Macromolecular Chemistry,Faculty of Chemistry, TU Dresden
128. Markus Missler, Professor of Medicine,Institute of Anatomy and Molecular Neurobiology, University of Münster
129. Karen Bauer, Associate Professor of Foreign Language Education,NTNU
130. Mamuka Jibladze, Chief Researcher,Razmadze Mathematical Institute, Tbilisi State University
131. Thomas Wilke, Professor of Economics,University of Wismar
132. Holger Erb, Ja ,
133. Clayton Lewis, Emeritus Professor of Computer Science,University of Colorado Boulder
134. Manfred Hirner, Counsel,privat
135. Dmytro Sytnyk, Ph.D. in Mathematics,Department of Mathematics, Technical University of Munich
136. Evgeny M Orlov, Aerospace Engineer,Retiered
137. Juliane Besters-Dilger, Professor of Slavonic Studies,University of Freiburg
138. Mathias Hensch, Dr. phil. (Archaeologist),City- and Countyarchaeology Uelzen
139. Natalia Litchinitser, Professor of ECE, Physics, Materials Science,Duke University
140. Sergei Erofeev, Professor of Sociology,Rutgers University
141. Stephan Tschauko, Dipl.-Betreibswirt,Private
142. Patric Knoll , Non,Non
143. Dietrich Pfeiffer, Professor of Medicine,University of Leipzig
144. Ulrike Eberhardt, Architect,Private
145. Dmitri Kireev, Professor of Chemistry,University of Missouri – Columbia
146. Johanna Thie, no Title,priv.
147. Sven Birkemeier, Dr of literature,University of Amsterdam and Freiherr-vom-Stein-Gymnasium Kleve
148. Sergey Blagodatsky, Dr. of Science, PhD in biology,Department of Zooology, University of Cologne
149. Joachim Heberle, Professor of physics,Department of physics, Freie Universität Berlin
150. Thomas Mueller, Diplom Kaufmann,private
151. Sven Lichtenecker, M.A. Studies of Religion,Bibelhaus Erlebnis Museum, Department of Education
152. Peter Ihmann, kein Titel,Privatperson
153. Manfred Beck, Dipl.-Ing.,Mensa Germany
154. Ramona Schlesinger, Doctor of Biology ,Freie Universität Berlin, Physics
155. Daniel Treisman, Professor of Political Science ,Department of Political Science, University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles
156. Olaf Kühl, PhD.,Writer
157. Chr.Birkenbach, Herr,Biologist
158. Hans Tson Söderström, Docent ,STOCKHOLM SCHOOL of ECONOMICS
159. Peter Moritz, I am agree witth the Memo on the ,Consulting-Company
160. Dorothea Thaler, n.a.,n.a.
161. Viacheslav Landakov , Esquire ,Voronezh Regional Bar Association
162. Rainer Moog, Professor of Music,Musikhochschule Köln (Germany)
163. Karin Cerna, Immunologist,Charles University Prague
164. Birgitta Swedenborg, Dr. of Economics,Retired
165. Jennifer Clarke, Fletcher Jones Endowed Chair of Biology,University of La Verne
166. Thomas Benderoth, Dipl. Ing,Privat
167. Arnold Kretzl, kein Titel,privat
168. Grigorii Vershinin , Specialist in Translation ,Department of Foreign Languages, Perm State University
169. Kirill Sokolovsky, postdoctoral researcher,Department of Astronomy, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
170. Oliver Jensch, Software Developer,SIListra Systems
171. Yousef Daneshbod, Professor of Mathematics,University of La Verne
172. Maria Chekhova, Professor of Physics,Max-Planck Institute for the Science of Light
173. Manne Schneck, Dr med.,retired
174. Stephan Schneller , Lawyer,Law firm Schneller Legal
175. Detlef Kurth, Professor Dr. of Urban Planning,RPTU Kaiserslautern
176. Monika Grosskopf, M.A. Communications,Non
177. Stefan Gros, Dozent,Donau Uni Krems
178. Elizaveta Litvak , Associate Research Scienrist,School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
179. Jörg Thielenone
180. Ulrika Beitnere, Dr.,Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine
181. Jorge Ruiz, Postdoctoral Researcher,Max Delbrück Center
182. Armina Janyan, Assistant professor of Cognitive Science,Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology, New Bulgarian University, Sofia
183. Péter Szigetvári, Associate Professor of Linguistics,Eötvös Loránd University
184. Manfred , Burggraf ,Psychotherapist
185. Boldizsár Fejérvári, PhD, Head Teacher of English,Anglo-American Studies Workshop, Eötvös József College, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary
186. Sofia Kirke Forslund-Startceva, Professor of Applied Microbiology,MDC & Charité Hospital, Berlin
187. Marta Barbarics, Associate Professor of Pedagogy,Department of English Language Pedagogy, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
188. Tomasz Mickiewicz, Professor of Economics,Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham, UK
189. Dr J.D. APFFEL, Doctor,Dole Hospital
190. Heloisa Pait, Assistant Professor of Sociology,São Paulo State University, UNESP
191. Yer, Senior manager ,No science degree
192. Reinhard Müller, Professor of Old Testament Studies,Faculty of Theology, University of Göttingen
193. Benjamin Jaeger , Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics ,University of Southern Denmark
194. Stanislav Soskin, Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences ,Department of Theoretical Physics, Institute of Semiconductor Physics
195. Vladimir Dubrovskiy, Senior Economist,CASE Ukraine
196. Günter Gladis, Dipl. Betriebswirt,Privat
197. Nadja Saxer, Mag.phil.,University of Vienna
198. Victoria Trabelsi, No,No
199. Vladimir Lvov, Dr. of Mechanical Engeneering,No
200. Berta J Hacha, PhD candidate,BIMSB-Max Dellbruck Centre
201. Ilya Litvak, Associate in Research, NMR instrumentation,Florida State University/National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
202. Enno Friedrich, Researcher,Heinrich-Schliemann-Institut für Altertumswissenschaften, University of Rostock
203. Johannes Hoffmann, Master of Science,TU Dresden
204. Oleksii Havrylenko, Professionnel Translator/Interpreter,Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Ukraine
205. Ivan Yaskovets, Dr.Sc.,Institute of physics, NASU, Kyiv
206. Oksana Kurylas, Dr. Phil.,Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf
207. Eduard Vasilyev, Retired,Retired
208. Iryna Merezhko, Pharmacist,Compounding Pharmacy
209. Xaver Froehlich, Dipl.-Ing.,im Ruhestand
210. Stephan Kreutzer, /,Technopolis Group
211. Luke Niederer, Mr.,MIIS
212. Christina Grummt, Dr. , AOZ
213. Jens Hölper, Diplom-Kaufmann (MBA equivalent),JLU Gießen
214. Bernd-Dieter Wiese , Non,Non
215. Viktoriia Galai , Caregiver ,Private
216. York Runne, MA History, Journalist,Johan Wolfgang von Goethe Universität Frankfurt, Alma Mater
217. Lasha Chargaziia, Phd Student,LMU Munich, ifo institut
218. Stefan Haufe, Professor of Computer Science,Technische Universität Berlin
219. Amalia Wuckert , M.A.,Freelancer
220. Marcus Seißler, Dipl. Volkswirt,Unternehmer
221. Walter Huth, none,graduate of the “Universität zu Köln”
222. Martin Herrmann , MD PhD,former ICRC
223. Tatiana Glushko , Writing Center Coordinator,Jackson State University
224. Stefan Seidlmayer, Dr. rer. nat. (Chemistry),University of Bayreuth
225. Michael Kamp, Dr. rer. nat.,Institute for AI in Medicine, University Medicine Essen and Institute for Neuroinformatics, Ruhr University Bochum, and Monash University
226. Nella Dubinskay, pensioner,University
227. Peter Brüggemann, Mr.,Civilian
228. Arsen Bilalov , self-employed ,self-employed
229. Stefan Fischer, Dipl.-Biol.,privat
230. Michael Nienhaus, Dipl. Kaufmann,
231. Andrei Yakovlev, Associate,Davis Center, Harvard University
232. Yury Ilinov, Dr. in Language Sciences,Conductor, Pianist
233. Kai Feller, Pastor for Ecumenical Relations,Ev.-Luth. Kirche in Norddeutschland
234. Lena Göthlich, Dr. rer. nat.,-
235. Frederik Breuer, M.A. Political Science,Private Citizen
236. Claudia Senger, Dipl. Ing. ,Teacher
237. Jens Baganz, Dr.,We are Europe! e.V.
238. Lia, Varti,Physician
239. Albert KlamtEuropean Council on Foreign Relations
240. Michael Kamp, Dipl. Ing. ,Economy
241. Win, Arias,Scientist
242. Johannes Moser, Doctor of Economics,Frankfurt
243. Nikita Artemov, Research Fellow ,Ruhr University Bochum
244. Paul Sowman, Professor of Clinical Sciences,Auckland University of Technology
245. Grit Laber , Dipl. Ing.,Non
246. Разинов Виктор, Издатель,”Нобелевские лекции на русском языке”
247. Marc Mones, Master, Computer Science,Private
248. Manfred Spalinger, Archivist,Archivdienst Spalinger
249. Magdalena Kozhevnikova, Ph.D.,University of Warsaw
250. Krassen Stanchev, Professor of Economics,Sofia University and the Institute for Market Economics
251. Holger Fischer, Dr.,not affiliated
252. Peter Arkadiev, PhD. Habil. in Linguistics,University of Freiburg
253. Annette Schaly , Diplom Volkswirtin ,Hamburg
254. Dr. Ute Jasper, PhD Law, ,LawFirm HEUKING, Germany
255. Rudolf Steger, Master of Business Informatic,University of Vienna
256. Vladimir Kolesnichenko, Professor of Chemistry,Department of Chemistry, Xavier University of Louisiana
257. Galina Z Goloverda, Professor of Chemistry,Xavier University of Louisiana
258. Vendula Bartakova, Business Process Analyst,International Company
259. Anastasia Koptsyukh , Doctoral Researcher ,Aalto University
260. Jörg Söchting , Artist,-+-
261. Michael Sohlman, Former Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation,IIES.SU.SE
262. Sergey Kudaev, Dr. – Ing. ,ams OSRAM
263. Christian Stegmann , Professor of Physics, Director for Astroparticle Physics,University Potsdam, DESY
264. Alexander Gabovich, Doctor of Physics,Institute of Physics, Kyiv
265. Thomas Mueller, Professor of Chemistry,Institute of Chemistry, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg
266. Patrick Kast, Dr. rer. nat., Chemist,Max-Planck-Society (Alumnus)
267. Holger Fock, Dr. phil.,Truetext Literaturübersetzungen
268. Antonino Spinelli, Dr. phil.,University of Tübingen
269. Krassen Stanchev, Professor of Economics,Sofia University and IME
270. Viola Nickel, medical doctor,Practice of Psychotherapy
271. Peter Kloetzel , Professor of Biochemistry ,Institut für Biochemie , Charité University Medicine of Berlin
272. Christian Promitzer, PhD Assistant Professor ,Institute of History, University of Graz
273. Andreas Umland, Associate Professor of Political Science,National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
274. Sabine Hifmann, Russian inzerpretor,Self employed
275. Ilya Tarasov, family physician,Eastern Health
276. Vyacheslav Khavrus, Dr. ,TU Dresden
277. Gunter Greulich, Dr. med.,MVZ Westpfalz
278. Hans-Gert Linzer, Dr. Dipl.-Geol.,Retired
279. Sabine Sielemann , Dipl. Übersetzer,Privatperson
280. Dirk Enzmann, Honorary Professor,Faculty of Economics, Business and Social Sciences
281. Stefan Weyers, Dr. rer. nat.,Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig
282. Andrey Naumov, Software Engineer,financial services
283. Oliver Schneider, M.Sc. in Accounting,University of Siegen
284. Misha Gipsman, PhD Student,Ariel University
285. Michael Krautblatter , Professor of Landslide Research ,Technical University of Munich
286. Alexandra Zhernakova, Professor of genetics,University Medical Center Groningen
287. Alexej Kedrov, Prof. ,Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
288. Andreas Gänsicke, Doctor for internal medicine,HerzKreislauf-Praxis Wittenberg
289. Regina’ Burkhard E. Volland, Dr.rer.nat.,TU Ilmenau
290. Michael Börgerding, Prof. ,Intendant Theater Bremen
291. Eugen Alexander Maria Bonzel, Doctor of Medicine,Diabetespraxis Bonzel
292. Anton Erich, Master’s degree, specialization in automated mechanical engineering technology, poet,Free writer
293. Klaus Feuchtinger , Stadtrat i.R. für Umwelt und Ökologie,Keine Organisation
294. Karin Feuchtinger , Innenarchitektin i.R.,No organisation
295. Vesselin Popovski, Professor ,Jindal Global University
296. Nicolas Gillen, Doctor of Law,Frankfurt
297. Dirk Staschinski, Dr.,Privatperson
298. Katrin Brockmann , Diplom Verwaltungswirtin,Stralsund
299. Jan Bleckwedel, Diplompsychologe,University Freiburg Germany
300. Yuri Arshavsky, Biologist,UCSD
301. Maria Luisa Cicognani , Chairwoman ,Mobius Investment Trust
302. Samuel Kutter , PhD (cantab),Entrepreneur
303. Dmitri Gorskine, engineer, researcher ,my own laboratory, GorskineLab
304. Andrzej Danilewicz, Eng. PhD of Computational Mechanics,Former Assistant Professor in Gdansk Univ. of Technology
305. Olga Trokhimenko , Professor of German,University of North Carolina Wilmington
306. Sergey Sosnin, PhD,University of Vienna
307. Jan Wegener, none,EU Citizen
308. Andrea Gullotta , Lecturer in Russian ,University of Palermo
309. Kaiser Konstantin, Dr.,Secretary and founder of the Theodor Kramer Gesellschaft, Vienna
310. Dirk Petsch, Dipl.-Politologe,self employed
311. Maxim Boycko, Lecturer,Department of Economics, Harvard University
312. Sergei M. Mirkin, Professor and White Family Chair in Biology,Tufts University
313. Sonja Plessl, Mag.a,Theodor Kramer Society, “Zwischenwelt”, magazine for the culture of exile and resistance
314. Dr. Karen V. Beaman, Guest Lecturer in Sociolinguistics,University of Tuebingen
315. Anna Panteleeva , самозанятый,высшее педагогическое и экономическое образование
316. Dmitri Gorskine, a scientific researcher,my own laboratory
317. Yasha Gindikin, Dr. Habil,W. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute, University of Minnesota
318. Eduard Antufjew, Dipl.-Ök.,private
319. Anna Nagurney, Eugene M. Isenberg Chair in Integrative Studies,Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst
320. Daniel Rolf, Radiation oncologist ,MVZ Prof. Uhlenbrock
321. Günther Zdarsky, Dr. med.,Klinik, Bad Oeynhausen
322. Roy Kirsch , Dr. rer. nat.,Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena
323. Bella Rozenblat, Ph.D. ,International Roerich Center “AGNI”, President
324. Christian Herrmann , teacher in science of surfing,Universität Rostock
325. Michael Severin, Dr.-Ing. Aerospace Engineering,Industry
326. Yakov Freidzon, Doctor of Sciences ,Retired
327. Maria Caballero Carrasco , Medical doctor,AINSP Diakonissenkrankenhaus Speyer
328. Dmitrij Chmelnizki, Dr.-Ing.,Freier Wissenschaftler
329. Sebastian Kamyshenko, VP,World
330. Alexander V. Kiselev, PhD in Mathematical Physics,Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath
331. Marc Georges, Editeur-libraire,La Demeure du Livre
332. Aleksandra Panyutina , Dr. of Biology,Faculty of Life sciences, Tel-Aviv University
333. Farit Murtazin , Criminal Lawyer in Russia ,Barristers’ Chamber of Moscow City
334. Vadim Gigin, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences at the Belarusian State University (2016-2021),Belarusian State University
335. Franz Brochhagen, Prof of Opera Performance ,University of Music Dresden
336. Marita Marschall, Actress and committed to ethics and animal rights,Eyendorf
337. Franz Brochhagen, Prof of Opera Performance ,University of Music Dresden
338. Jonathan Reed, Professor of Religious Studies,University of La Verne
339. Stephan Doempke, M.A. Psychology,Chair, World Heritage Watch
340. Ichiro Iwasaki, Professor of Economics,Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University
341. Sebastian Siebert, Senior Developer,Private individual
342. Joanna Schäfer, Teacher,Berlitz
343. Jesko Sirker, Professor of Physics,Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manitoba
344. Frank Schubert, Head of School,School of Biological Sciences, University of Portsmouth
345. Misha Kachman, Professor of Design,University of Maryland
346. Alexandra Shikhris , Piano teacher ,Tulane University of New Orleans, Louisiana, Music Department
347. Angela Olivella None
348. Aleksandr Bekshaev, Professor of Physics,I.I. Mechnikov National University, Odessa
349. Yaroslav Korpan, PhD in biotechnology,Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, NAS of Ukraine
350. Mihhail Lotman, Professor of semiotics,University of Tartu
351. Cristina Ras, Mag. Profesora Administración Rural,Departamento de Economía, Facultad de Agronomía – UBA
352. Igor Ivanov, PhD in technical sciences,State University of Milagro
353. Baruch Meerson, Professor of Physics,Hebrew University of Jerusalem
354. Jürgen Siepmann , Rechtsanwalt – Diplom-Physiker ,Kanzlei am Stadtgarten
355. Bálint Magyar, Senior Researcher,CEU Democracy Institute
356. Vasilisa Kistanova , Research and development Engineer ,Odysseus Space
357. Jan Kern, Staff Scientist, Physical Chemistry,MBIB Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
358. Vilen Chernyak, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor,National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, World Mining Congress (Retired)
359. Sebastian Bartholomäus, Dr. rer. medic.,-
360. Andrey Moskalenko, Professor of Physics,KAIST
361. Bálint Gárdos , Senior lecturer of English ,Eötvös Loránd University
362. Susann Schöniger, Master,University Chemnitz
363. Niklas Netter, MSc Physics,Biozentrum, University of Basel, Basel
364. Manuel Lenhardt, Master of Science, Senior Consultant Compensation & Benefits,Riverty Finland Oy
365. Tobias Hoefling, Dr. med.,self-employed
366. Robert Sosik, Doctor of Criminal Law,Department of Criminal Law and Criminology, Maria Sklodowska-Curie University in Lublin, Poland
367. Victor Bachmann, Versicherungskaufmann und Fotograf,Munich Re
368. Dinara Salihova, -,-
369. Bjørnar Heide, -,-
370. Ewa Balcerowicz, Chairwoman of the Surevisory Council,CASE-Center for Social and Economic Researchhch
371. Daniela Koleva, Professor of Cultural Studies,Sofia University
372. Garabed Minassian, Professor of Economics,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
373. Volodymyr Sytin, International Relations Officer,International Collaboration Department, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Kyiv
374. Ashlé Neish, BSc Chemistry,University of Aberdeen
375. Pascal Quémerais, Dr.Physics,CNRS
376. Jan Löhler, Professor (adj.) of Otolaryngology,Department of Otolaryngology, University of Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Lübeck
377. Nikolay Gudanets, Writer,Latvian Writers’ Union
378. Maksym Iurzhenko , Professor of Materials Science, Dr Sci in Engineering Sciences ,Department of Plastics Welding, E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine
379. Sina Brucks, Dipl. Jur.,Fellas vor Europe e.V.
380. Andreas Rummel, Dr. rer. nat.,Hannover Medical School
381. Nikolaus Wulff, Professor of Computer Sciences,University of Applied Sciences Münster
382. Joanna Tyrowicz, Professor of Economics,FAME|GRAPE & University of Warsaw & University or Regensburg
383. Barbara Scheele, Dipl.Dolm.,retired
384. Elena Stolyarova, Professora de serviço de unhas ,NailClube by Elena Stolyarova
385. Alexander Kiossev, Professor of Cultural History,Cultural Centre of the Unovesrity of Sofia
386. Stefan Popov, Professor of Philosophy,Deaprtment of Phisoophy, New Bulgarian University
387. Rainer Mascow, Dipl. Volkswirt,Privat
388. Brigitte Gruber , PhD in Law,private
389. Ulrike Küllmer, Volljuristin,Privat
390. Wolfgang Thiesen, Ass.Iur,Gründungsexzellenz
391. Riccardo Mannella, Professor of Physics,Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Pisa
392. Astrid Rohrbeck, Dr. ,Institute of Toxicology, Hannover Medical School
393. Karl Hafen, former Executiv Chairman,International Society for Human Rights
394. Herman J.A Becq, MD endocrinology,retired. Head department endocrinology GVA ziekenhuizen Antwerpen
395. Heikki Irjala, Professor,Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology, University of Turku
396. Albin Paulus, Master of arts/ humanities (Mag. phil.),University of Vienna/ department of Musicology/ Self employed artist
397. Dr. Dirk Heinrich, ENT Surgeon, President,Virchowbund, Spitzenverband Fachärzte Deutschland
398. Krzysztof Komeza, Professor of Electrical Engineering,Lodz University of Technology
399. Dirk Bachmann, Dr.,Data Scientist, Freelancer
400. Jaba Gamrekelashvili, PhD,Medical School Hannover, Hannover,
401. Leyla Djansugurova, Professor of Biology,Institute of Genetics and Physiology
402. Martin Ivanov, Associate Professor of History, D.Sc.,Sofia University, Faculty of Philosophy
403. Boyan Ivantchev, Professor of Behavioural Finance,University of National and World Economy
404. Leyla Djansugurova, Professor of Biology,Institute of Genetics and Physiology, Almaty
405. Jacek Tryba, PhD in mathematics,University of Gdańsk
406. Anna Dönitz, Master in Communication Management ,Hochschule Düsseldorf
407. Guntmar Demmer, Dr. med.,Praxis
408. Sabine Müller, MA,Truetext Literaturübersetzungen
409. Emanuel Schaerer, Student,ETH Zurich
410. Robert Zinzen, PhD,Max Delbrueck Centre for Molecular Medicine (MDC)
411. Paul Schöpe, M.Sc.,Experimental and Clinical Research Center, Berlin
412. Gunnar Lund, Ambassador,Retired
413. Fyodor Finkel, SQA Engineer (Retired),Gardner
414. Gabriele Undine Meyer, Artist,Studio
415. Tristan Weddigen, Professor of Art History,University of Zurich
416. Jan Löhler, Professor (adj.) of Otolaryngology,Department of Otolaryngology, University of Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Lübeck
417. Ivan Tchalakov, Proffesor of Sociology,Department Applied and Institutional Sociology, University of Plovdiv Paisii Hilendarski
418. Stanislav Malkin, Dipl.-Ing.,IT-Consulter
419. Georg Pepping, Lawyer,
420. Самодуров Юрий, кандидат геолого-минералогических наук,пенсионер
421. Malik Aliev, PhD,University of Johannesburg, Department of Mechanical Engineering Science
422. Thorsten Geisler-Wierwille, Professor of Geochemistry,Institute for Geosciences, University of Bonn, Germany
423. Jürgen Jerger, Professor of Economics,University of Regensburg
424. Satoshi Mizobata, Professor of Economics ,Institute of Economic Research,Kyoto University
425. Dr. Tobias Arand, Prof. for History and History Didactics,Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg
426. Jörg Borrmann, Associate Professor,Department of Finance, University of Vienna
427. Lydia Mechtenberg, Professor of Political Economics,Department of Economics, Hamburg University
428. David d’Enterria, Senior Scientist,CERN
429. Emil Nissimov, Professor of Physics,Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy
430. Svetlana Pacheva, Professor of Physics,Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy
431. Michael Davis Ph.D., Section Leader,CERN
432. Boris Strehlke, Diplom Kaufmann,former lecturer of Rheinische Universität for aplied science Cologne
433. Paul Michael Hirner, Diplom Kaufmann,Former managing director
434. Bernd Müller, Ingenieur,Flanenur
435. Vladimir Talanov, PhD,Howard University
436. Julius Hrivnac, Dr,IJCLab/CNRS/CERN
437. Dr. André Lange, Collaborateur scientifique,Département Medias, Culture et Communication (Université de Liège)
438. Oleg Mediannikov, Senior researcher, MD, PhD,French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development
439. Mikhail Zhukovsky, PhD in Physics,Institute Experimental Endocrinology and Oncology “Gaetano Salvatore” (IEOS), National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Naples
440. Anita Waltho, Molecular biology PHD student,Humboldt University
441. Martin Lehr, Dr.,GEOmedial, Filderstadt
442. Avto Kharchilava, Professor of Physics,University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
443. Uwe Klein , Professor of Medicine, em.,University of Jena
444. Lev Deych, Professor of Physics ,Queens college CUNY
445. André Leonide, Professor of Materials for Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Nuremberg Institute of Technology
446. Martin Zaimov, Urban history and economics lecturer,Optimistas & Generator Sofia
447. Nikolai Beev, Electronics Engineer,CERN
448. Irina Mirochnik, Doctor of Philosophy in Law (PhD) ,White Ribbon Ukraine
449. Alvena Shahid, PhD student of Physics,Lahore
450. Josef Stegherr,,ENT Landsberg
451. T B, MA,MDC Berlin
452. Helmut Müller, HNO-Facharzt,HNO Gemeinschaftspraxis
453. Olga Prokopieva, President,Russie-Libertés association
454. David PIGUET, Army Senior Officer,Right Sector Ukraine
455. Andreas Dr. med. Fryen, ENT Doctor ,ENT
456. Gregory Baram, PhD in Chemistry,R&D
457. Winfried Abing,,Berufsverband der HNO-Ärzte, Deutschland
458. Vladimir Pirogov, MSc physics,ESPCI-PSL
459. Immo Rathcke, Dr. med. ,ENT-Practition
460. Anna-Kaisa Mustaparta, Counsellor of education, retired,The Finnish National Agency of Education
461. Timo Harell, pensioner,
462. Sylvia Hupfer , Dipl-med . Fachärztin für HNO ,Praxis
463. Antje Gorf und Jan Warnken, Dr. med. Und Dr (PhD),Private
464. Wilfried Bauer, Doctor of Medicine,Retired
465. Sandra Polster, Dr. med.,ENT outclinic
466. Goeran Mueller, Dr. med.,ENT
467. Markus Jungehülsing, Prof. Dr. med.,Potsdam University
468. Markku Kivinen, Professor,Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki
469. Dr.Gahleitner Erich,,Regensburg
470. Maryam Foroozesh, Professor of Chemistry,Departmemt of Chemistry, Xavier University of Louisiana
471. Yaroslav I. Sobolev, Senior Research Fellow,Center for Soft and Living Matter, Center for Algorithmic and Robotized Synthesis, Institute for Basic Science
472. Norbert Wögerbauer, Master of Computer Science,OGS
473. Marco Rieger , Dr. med.,HNO-Praxis
474. Tomi Huttunen, Professor of Russian literature and culture,Univetsity of Helsinki
475. Andrii Koveria, Associate Professor,Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department of the Dnipro University of Technology
476. Tobias Hänel, Dr. med. ,
477. Primus-Heinz Kucher, Prof. (ret.) of Austrian and German Literature,University of Klagenfurt
478. Nikita Medvedev, Ph.D.,Czech Academy of Sciences
479. Anvar Nazirov , Doctor political and historical science.,Turkestan Yulduzi Global Platform. International organization.
480. Gereon Wolters, Professor of Philosophy,University of Konstanz
481. Christian Wirtz, Diplom-Physiker,Hibernia College
482. Gabriele Sutor-Krüger, Teacher,
483. Stefan Kleinschmidt M. A., Historian,Freelancer
484. Franz Hlawatsch, Professor of Signal Processing,Institute of Telecommunications, TU Wien, Vienna
485. Sofya Kuleshova , member of the weightlifting team,School
486. Winkler, Dirk, Bankbetriebswirt,Säkulare-Humanisten gbs Rhein-Neckar e.V.
487. Volodymyr Kulinskyi, Professor of Physics,I.I. Mechnikov Odesa National University
488. Heikki Larmola, Doctor of Social Sciences,retired
489. Manfred Bock, Studienrat,Initiative Zeitenwende Marburg
490. Maria Poelmann,,Kath. Klinikum Bochum
491. André Klarsfeld , Professor of Physiology,Retired
492. hermann hofer, professor of french literature,university marburg,germany
493. Eberhard Schauwienold, Dr. med.,HNO-Praxis
494. Krasimir Kabakciev, Doctor of Sciences (Bulgaria),Deputy Director of the Arts, Humanities and Education Division of Atiner, the Athens Institute for Education and Research
495. Hermann Eibel, PhD, Professor Molecular Immunology,Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
496. Brigitta Mauck, Dr.,HNO-ÄRZTIN
497. Markus Drees, HNO-Arzt ,Kaiserberg Klinik Bad Nauheim
498. Susanne Buschhorn , Pfarrerin,Evangelische Kirche im Rheinland
499. Kord Buschhorn, Arzt,HNO-Praxis
500. Luba Butska, Associate Professor of Teaching, Midwifery,Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
501. Emil Stanev, Dipl.Ing.,Ingenieer
502. Jochim Uffenorde, Dr. ,ENT doc Goettingen
503. Maria Kryzewicz, PhD,Faculty of Business
504. Yan Fyodorov, Professor,Department of Mathematics, King’sCollege London
505. Oksana Pleier, Dr. rer. nat.,
506. Vadim Nikitushkin, Dr.,Universität Bayreuth
507. Тatjana Gorbachevska, none,madical practice
508. Zhivka Koleva-Zlateva, Professor of Linguistics,St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo
509. Susanne Manthey, Architect,private
510. Joe, Ass. Prof. ,SINA Clinic
511. Michael Keren, Professor of Economics emeritus,Department of Economics, Thee Hebrew University of Jerusalem
512. Judith Taschler, Mag. phil. ,Hanserliteraturverlage
513. Andrea Stahlberg , Dr.,HNO-Ärzte
514. Irina Savelieva, Professor of History,Department of History, University of Houston, Houston
515. Lars Olaf Mueller
516. Moritz Helmstaedter, Director,Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
517. Norbert Dingemann, Dr. med.,
518. Peter Breinl, Dr. med.,HNO Praxis Gauting
519. Rudolf-Christian Hanschitz, Univ.-Doz. Mag. Dr.,Universität Kassel
520. Thomas Dr. Kirchner,,HNO-Praxis
521. Rasmus Ischebeck, Group leader, Electron Beam Instrumentation,Large Research Facilities, Paul Scherrer Institut
522. Sergey Kryzhevich, Professor of Mathematics ,Institute of Applied Mathematics, Gdańsk University of Technology
523. Slavi Pachovski , Professor of International Relations ,Retired
524. Sergey Bulanov, Professor of Physics,ELI-Beamlines, Dolni Brezany
525. Georgi MInczew,, Prof. D. Sc,University of Lodz Faculty of Philology Department of Slavic Philology
526. Markus Hämmerle , Lawyer ,i.R.
527. Yuri Ralchenko, Adjunct Professor,Clemson University
528. Georgi Kapriev, Professor of Philosophy,Department of Philosophy, St. Kliment Ochridksi University, Sofia
529. Benjamin Petsch, Dr. rer nat,Cipla Ltd
530. Maria Knyazeva, PhD in neuroscience,retired
531. Konstantin Momot , Dr,Queensland University of Technology
532. Robert W Krause, Assistant Prof. of Management,Department of Management, University of Kentucky
533. Gerald Pump-Berthé, school principal, retired, Hamburg
534. Franz J. Giessibl, Professor of Physics,Univesity of Regensburg
535. Verena Steinmann ,,Practice ENT
536. Diana Mishkova, Professor of History,Centre for Advanced Study, Sofia
537. Hubertus Knabe, Dr.,Chair of Modern History, University of Wuerzburg
538. Frank Höfken , Dr. med.,HNO-Gemeinschaftspraxis
539. Rudolf G. C. Oldeman, Associate professor of physics,University of Cagliari
540. Olga Fedorova, Ph.D., Associate Research Scientist ,Yale University
541. Tobias F. Ernst, Dipl.-Phys.,European Patent Attorney
542. Konstantin Sokolov, Dipl.-Ing. Computer Engineering,CTO, Cape of Good Code GmbH
543. Stéphane Virally, Research Fellow,Department of Engineering Physics, Polytechnique Montréal
544. Rumen Ivanov Tsonchev, PhD, Professor of Physics,Facultad de Física, Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, jubilado
545. Yulia Pushkar, Professor of Physics,Department of Physics and Astronomy, Purdue University
546. Ingmar Riedel-Kruse, Assoc. Prof. Molecular and Cellular Biology,University of Arizona
547. Galina G. Talanova, Professor of Chemistry,Howard University
548. Nikolay Nikonov, PhD astrophysics,University of Hawaii at Manoa
549. Anatoly Smirnov, Physicist, PhD,D-Wave Systems Inc.
550. Kazuho Yokogawa, Associate Professor of Economics,Faculty of Economics, Kanagawa University
551. René Meyer, Priv.-Doz. Dr. rer. nat.,Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg
552. Artem K. Grebenko, Research Fellow,Centre for Advanced 2D Materials, National University of Singapore.
553. Holger Sudhoff, Professor of Medicine ,Bielefeld University
554. Ajit Pothen, Doctor,HNO Gemeinschaftspraxis
555. Oleg Zhukov, Postdoc, PhD,
556. Hilke Hartmann, Teacher for Special Education ,Pensioner
557. Rayna Gavrilova, Professor Emerita,Department of Cultural Studies
558. Galina Selivanova, Professor of Tumour Biology,Karolinska Institutet
559. Kari Olli Antero Kosonen , Doctor of Psychology, School psychologist,KEUSOTE
560. Jarmo Koponen, PhD. cand,University of Helsinki
561. Boris Stanchev, Lawyer,Ruse
562. Natalia Rapoport, Research Professor Emerita of Biomedical Engineering,Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Utah
563. Konrad Waschkies, MD,University of Goettingen
564. Alexander Wilf, Ph.D. (International Relations),HSS
565. Gregory Baram, PhD of Chemistry,R&D, Teva
566. Franz Hoss, Rechtsanwalt,Rechtsanwalt
567. Iryna Laguta, Dr in Chemistry,Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine
568. Georges Angelov, Journaliste,Bulgarian National Television
569. Alexei Doerre, lexicographer,BBAW
570. Jeannette Lehmann, Dr.,Saarbrücken
571. Stephan Leers, MD, Ophthalmologist,ViDia Kliniken Karlsruhe, Departement of Ophthalmology
572. Katharina Petri, Dr. med.,No
573. Judith Taschler, Mag. phil. ,Hanserliteraturverlage
574. Klaus-R. Hoppenz, Dipl.-Ing.(FH),Bauingenieur
575. Marie Mendras, Professor,Sciences Po University, Paris
576. Ralf Hartkopf , BA,Centrotherm Clean Solutions
577. Plamen Stoychev, civil engineer, Not a member
578. Petko Karashev, Structurel Engineer,Designer Company
579. Soili Nysten-Haarala, Professor of Commercial Law ,University of Lapland
580. Stella Sanader, Dr. med.,HNO Praxis Berlin
581. Aurelio Bay, Professor of Physics (Emeritus),Ecole Polythecnique Fédérale de Lausanne
582. Friederike Volkenand , Software Developer ,SQS
583. Lubomir Stoytchev, Senior Assistant Professor in Sociology,Department of Demography, Institute for Population and Human Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
584. Uliana Nekliudova , PhD in biology ,University of Vienna
585. Ursel Arnold-Hoss, Psychotherapist,
586. Anne-Claude Bay, Pharmacienne,Private
587. Frank Diederichs, Dr. rer. nat.,private person
588. Mihail Kopotev, Professor of Russian language,Stockholm University / University of Helsinki
589. Johannes Nathan, Dr. (Courtauld Institute of Art),Ukraine Art Aid Center
590. Nataliia Novikova, judge, head to the court, Doctor (Candidate) of Juridical Sciences,Commercial Court of Kharkiv Region
591. Anastasia Fokina, PhD,Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Boğaziçi University
592. Kurt Gläser, Deputy head of unit (retired),European Commission
593. Beatrix Himmelmann, Professor of Philosophy,Department of Philosophy, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
594. Maria Shulgina, lawyer (civil law),People of Russia (and russian”s cats))
595. Vladimir A. Gorshkov-Cantacuzene, Physician,Scuola Grande di San Marco
596. Antoine Arjakovsky , Doctor in History, Research Director,Collège des Bernardins, Paris
597. Nikolay Borisov, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Dr.Sc. in Engineering,Armenian Bioinformatics Institute
598. Marit Bjerkeng, Dosent, retired, (professor) of Russian ,UiT – The Arctic University of Norway
599. Valentin Batlle Heger, Programmer / IT specialist, (Defensive pacifism)
600. Stefan Traub, Professor of Behavioral Economics,Helmut-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg
601. Lada Smirnova, PhD, Senior Lecturer in EAP,University of Leeds
602. Martin Schulze Wessel , Professor of Eastern European History,LMU Munich
603. Eckhard Jäggle, Musician,Jackpot
604. Karl Matussek, Dr. Biology,private
605. Greta Wilm, Dr. med,ENT Doctor
606. Dr. Kloos, Günter,,privat
607. Ilya B. Tsyrlov, President/CEO; MD, PhD, DSci (Doctor of Biological Sciences)Biochemistry),XENOTOX, Inc. (
608. Igors Sics,,ALBA Synchrotron Facility
609. Andrii Vovk, Researcher,IFIMUP, Departamento de Fisica e Astronomia Universidade do Porto
610. Carl-Fredrik Geust, Doctor of Technology (honoris causa),Finnish Aviation Museum Society
611. Rainer Jund, Dr. med.,ENT office
612. Maria Korosteleva, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher ,Department of Informatics, ETH Zurich
613. Irina Bobrova, Postdoc,MPI for Mathematics, Leipzig
614. Wladimir Andreff, Honorary Professor in Economics,University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
615. Stella Aslibekyan, Associate Professor of Epidemiology,University of Alabama at Birmingham
616. Igor Mel’čuk, Professor Emeritus, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canaday of Canada of Canada,University of Montreal
617. Anatoly Kolomeisky, Professor of Chemistry,Rice University
618. Dmitrii Zelenskii, Master in Fundamental and Applied Linguistics,Independent Researcher
619. Anatoly Babenko, DSc,Institute of Ecology & Evolution Ras
620. Norberto Pignatti, Associated Professor of Policy,International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University
621. Nikita Safonkin, PhD in Mathematics,Institute of Mathematics, Leipzig University
622. Pavel Zelenin, Research Engineer ,Newcastle upon Tyne
623. Mikhail Maslov, Ph.D., Research Associate,University of Manitoba
624. Yuliy Baryshnikov, professor of mathematics and ECE,UIUC
625. Elena Gorbova, Professor of Linguistics,independent researcher
626. Tatiana Sworowska, PhD,editor
627. Vladimer Tsitsishvili, Doctor of Chemical Sciences (USSR, 1987),Department of Chemistry & Chemical Technologies, Georgian National Academy of Sciences
628. Irina Maksiuta , Na,Plus
629. Anna Agafonova, M.Sc.,Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology
630. Teodor Detchev Ph.D., Associate Professor – Sociology and National Security,Faculty of Security Issues, Hiogher School of Security and Economics, Plovdiv
631. Nikolai Kvashin, PhD in Applied Physics ,Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
632. Alexey Balitskiy , PhD, postdoc in Mathematics ,Department of Mathematics, University of Luxembourg
633. Mansur Ziiatdinov, PhD,independent researcher
634. Lubov Zavalij, Chemist,UMD
635. Andrey Gorbov, Associate Professor of Linguistics,None (Former affiliation: Department of General Linguistics, St.Petersburg State University)
636. Michael Loenz, Dr. phil.,retired
637. Manuela Matussek, Dipl. Designer,Private
638. Tatiana Yankelevich, Center Associate, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University
639. Yury Rusinov, Ph.D. in Phys. and Maths.,Research and Development department Visaris d.o.o.
640. Marianne Mauch, Biologin ,Säkulare Humanisten gbs Rhein-Neckar e.V.
641. Elena Kostioukovitch, Cultural Historian,Elkost International Literary
642. Anna Ershova, PhD,École Polytechnique
643. Tomas Venclova, Professor Emeritus,Department of Slavic Lgs. and Lits, Yale University
644. Anna Gurchik, Engineer on Automation,Kyiv Politechnical University
645. Nadejda Koloteva-Levine, PhD in Molecular Genetics,Division of Natural Sciences, University of Kent
646. Violetta Melyan, Student,-
647. Pesho Ivanov, PhD in Computational biology,Computer science department, Pennsylvania State University
648. Sergei Korotaev, Professor of Physics,GEMRC IPE RAS
649. Andrey Chubukov, Professor of Physics,University of Minnesota
650. Thilo Dörk-Bousset, PhD, M.Sc. Biochemistry,Hannover Medical School
651. Amina Tsuntaeva, independent scholar,independent scholar
652. Gerold Theobalt, Honorarprofessor, Fachbereich Darstellung,Folkwang Universität der Künste, Essen- Werdenn
653. Birgitt Schneider-Theobalt, Übersetzerin,selbstständig
654. Cora Anna Theobalt, Dr.phil.,Journalistin
655. Jens Boele, -,-
656. Julia Jensen , Dr. of Medicine ,ENT Hamburg Schnelsen
657. Viktor Korolchuk, Professor of Cell Biology,Newcastle University
658. Claude Joseph, Emeritus Professor of Physics,University of Lausanne ≈
659. Maria Yurevich, MD,
660. Alexandra Freidzon, PhD in Chemistry,Weizmann Institute of Science
661. Konrad Reuter, Dr.,Lions
662. Martin Rickelhoff, Tech. Engineer,Plastico Trading GmbH – plastic processing machinery
663. Holger Pump-Uhlmann , Dr.,” ”
664. Dr.G.Rickelhoff, Dr. med.,Dr. of Medicine, retired.
665. Patrick O’Neil, Distinguished Professor of Politics and Government,University of Puget Sound
666. Markéta Hoffmann, Frau,Labyrinth
667. Alexey Krushelnitsky , PhD, Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences,Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg
668. Marina Blanton, Associate Professor,Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo
669. Jürgen Nagel, Dr. med.,Berufsverband HNO-Aerzte Deutschland
670. Valentin Yemelin, PhD, chemistry,GRID-Arendal
671. Hajo Leschke, Professor of Theoretical Physics,Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
672. Wellbrock Martin, Dr. med. ,HNO am Kuhberg
673. Anton Karpishkov, Senior lecturer in Physics,JINR, Dubna
674. Petr Makhnovskiy, MSc,Israel
675. Bella B. Zviagina, PhD in Mineralogy and Crystallography,retired
676. Alexander Karaivanov, Professor of Economics,Simon Fraser University
677. Vehary Sakanyan, Dr., Professor (France), Académicien (Armenia),Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Chemistry, Nantes University
678. Christiane Kohl, Leiterin eines Literatur-Festivals,Literarischer Frühling in der Heimat der Brüder Grimm
679. Rossen Radev, Associate Professor of Materials Engineering,Department of Material Science & Technology, University of Ruse
680. Andrei Agrachev , Professor of Mathematics ,International School for Advanced Studies
681. Leonid Litinskii, PhD, mathematician,pensioner
682. Stefan Dimitrov, Assoc. Prof. of Computer Networks,Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University
683. Inna Kaganova, PhD, physicist,pensioner
684. Bernhard Schneider, Dr,Head of Unit in German Federal Ministry
685. Dr. Ullrich Meinecke, Dr. med. ,Medical clinic
686. Judith Müller , Dr. phil. Psychology,FSU Jena
687. Ingo Alexander Tschudowsky , No,humanity
688. Alexander Givental, Professor of Mathematics,University of California Berkeley
689. Armin Ortmann, ,
690. Petyo Novkov , Musician,Black Moon Wolf
691. Dmitry Grinfeld , Doctor of physics ,Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bremen
692. Mikhail, Dr., Lecturer, Software Engineer,ETH Zürich
693. Dmitry Ivanov, Associate Professor in Composites Manufacturing ,University of Bristol
694. Tabea Zimmermann , Viola Soloist, Professor at Frankfurt HfMDK,Professor for Viola and Chamber Music
695. Ilya Peshkov, Associate Professor of Mathematics,University of Trento
696. Ivan Kovalev, Human rights activist,Moscow Helsinky Group, Chronicle of Current Events
697. Ross Fleming, Mr,Local Government Professionals NSW (Retired)
698. Lev Yampolsky, Professor of Biology,East TN State University
699. Nicholas A. Kotov, Irving Langmuir Distinguished Professor of Chemical Sciences and Engineering,University of Michigan
700. Werner Lorenz, Professor of Construction History,Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus
701. Nicholas Kotov, Professor of Chemical Engineering,University of Michigan
702. Salavat Abylkalikov, PhD, Demographer,Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne
703. Natalia , Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences,SPBNIIFK
704. Masahiro Tokunaga, Professor of Economics,Kansai University
705. Andrei Meleschkin , Dipl.-Mathematiker,HDI AG
706. Mikhail Frenkel, pensioner,none
707. Todor Obeshkov, Architect,Union of Architects in Bulgaria; DoCoMoMo International
708. Michael Droege, Engineer,ETHZ
709. Emil Georgiev, Dr.,Department of Sociology, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski
710. Boryana Avramova, Professor of Medicine ,University Hospital “Tzaritza Joanna<” , Sofia, Bulgaria
711. Stefan Bruski,,none
712. Snezhana Velikova, Associate Professor of Journalism,Department of Journalism, Shumen University “Bishop Konstantin Preslavski”
713. Alexei A. Efros, Professor of Computer Science,University of California, Berkeley
714. Andrei Meleschkin, Dipl.-Mathematiker ,HDI AG
715. Vladimir Mandelshtam, Professor of Chemistry,University of California, Irvine
716. Vasilii Bernshtein , PHD of sociology ,independent researcher
717. Rolf Kickuth, Scientific Publishing Director,Rubikon Agency / Magazine CLB
718. Yerbol Aldanov, Professor of Math,Astana International University
719. Nikita Niderkvel, Врач,ОмГМУ
720. Edith Oscherowa, MSc student molecular medicine ,Charité Berlin
721. Patrick J. Woodford, VDM,Ref. Kirchgemeinde Spiez
722. Frank Griesinger, Professor of Medicine,University Medicine Oldenburg
723. Sergei Fedorov, PhD,—
724. Olga Bessidskaia Bylund, PhD in physics,University of Rochester
725. Diana Gru, Teacher-Middle School,Abington Friends School
726. Jutta Jahreis, Dipl. Ing,,
727. Lukas Augustin , Dr.,Deutsch-Ukrainische Gesellschaft für Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft
728. Peter Strizhak, Professor of Chemistry,L.V.Pisarzhevskii Institute of Physical Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
729. Alexander Rudkevich, PhD (computer science),Retired
730. Gerhard Klöbl, Ing.,Private
731. Rau Klöbl, Mag.,private
732. Paolo Lusso, Senior Scientist, Chief, Viral Pathogenesis,NIAID, NIH
733. Petra Nebbe-Lehr, Dipl.-Psych.,Psychotherapie
734. Christian Flemming, none,privat
735. Dr. Hans-Peter Gnändiger, HNO-Arzt,Ich unterstütze die Erklärung
736. Sören Seeliger , Dr. med.,HNO Ravensburg
737. Alexey Ignatchenko, Assoc. Prof. of Chemistry,St John Fisher University
738. Yurii Ivanitskyi, Arzt in Weiterbildung,SRH Suhl
739. Victor Ribas, The contemporary artist,self employed,
740. Christian Haller , Technician ,ETH ZÜRICH
741. Nicola Liscutin, PhD,None (retired)
742. Gregory Nikiforovich, Professor of Biophysics (retired),Washington University
743. Louis Crooijmans , Mr,MOD
744. Wilhelm Metz, Prof. Dr.,Philosophisches Seminar Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
745. Christiane Körner, M.A.,Literary Translater
746. Sergej Winter, Dr. rer. nat.,Ornithologist
747. Alexei Tsvelik, Dr.,Brookhaven National Laboratory
748. Acacio Conde, Jubilated ,EAPN
749. Martin Sander, Professor of Vertebrate Paleontology,University of Bonn
750. Egor Bronnikov, Doctoral researcher & Adjunct professor,Maastricht University; Free University of Moscow; European University of St.P.; UC Berkeley
751. Vijay John, Professor,Tulane University
752. Andrey G. Kalinichev, Professor of Computational Materials Chemistry,Laboratoire Subatech – IMT Atlantique
753. Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Professor in Electrooptics Engineering ,Ben Gurion University of the Negev
754. Kutaev A. Ilya, veterinarian,Kolkhoz named after S.M.Kirova
755. Valentina Burskaia, PhD in Bioinformatics,University of Antwerp
756. Gerd ebert, Md,Privat
757. Nikolay Yordanov , Associate professor in medicine ,Department of Medical and biological sciences, Affiliation Vratsa, Medical University Sofia
758. Verena Maurer, Dr. med.,Office for ENT-Diseases, Eisenbahnstr. 56, D-66117 Saarbruecken
759. Olga Maksakova, Chief researcher,National medical research center of neurosurgery
760. George Stark, Professor of Cancer Biology,Cleveland Clinic
761. Yevgeniy Zakharchuk, scientific worker,Western Scientific Centre (Lviv)
762. maria Boyko-Diakonow, MSc,private
763. Herwig Baier, Director and Professor,Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence
764. Faina Lushtak, Downman Professor of Music,Tulane University of New Orleans LA
765. Andreas Gerstner, Professor of Medicine / ENT,Klinikum Braunschweig
766. Alexander Tropsha, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences,Unoversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
767. Jean-Marc Trouille, Professor,University of the Peloponnese
768. Isaac Bersuker, Professor,The University of Texas at Austin
769. Sergei Guriev, Provost and Professor of Economics,Sciences Po, Paris
770. Johannes Höfer, none,none
771. Yuri Pyatnitsky, Professor of Chemistry,Pisarzhevsky Institute of Physical Chemistry
772. Vera Proshutinskaia , Bachelor of Biology,Department of Virology Lomonosov Moscow State University
773. Mariano Bianca, Professor of Philosophy,retired from University of Siena – Italy
774. Antonela Heydemann-Obradovic, Dr. med.,Specialist for ENT
775. Christophe von Werdt, Dr. phil., Osteuropahistoriker,University of Berne
776. Denis Sukachev , Research Scientist ,AWS Center for quantum networking
777. Ursula Gerber Badan, Glass Artist,Independent
778. Boris Vinogradsky, MD, FACS, General Surgeon ,Russian American Medical Association
779. Agnes K Koos, Administrative Faculty,University of Nevada Reno
780. Denis Shestov, bachelor of marketing,Member of
781. Stanislav Baklanov, PhD student,Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University
782. Frank M. Berndt, Mr,Berndt
783. Tatiana Bronich, Professor ,Northeastern University
784. Hiroaki Hayashi, Professor of Economics,College of Economics, Ritsumeikan University
785. Gabriele Haibt-Lüttke , Dr. med.,Privat
786. Federico Rossi, ,
787. Igor Bychko, Dr.,L. V. Pisarzhevsky Institute of Physical Chemistry National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
788. Anna Kazakova, Master Chemistry,(maternity leave in immigration)
789. Olga Okrut, Quantum Software Engineer and Researcher ,University of California, Berkeley
790. Gleb Romanenko, PhD,University of Bologna
791. Stefan Schwarz, Dr. med.,ENT-Surgeon Vincentius Krankenhaus Speyer
792. Michael Kukuy, Professional Structural Engineer,Retaired
793. Sofia Kukuy, Professional Structural Engineer,Retired
794. Svetlana Jitomirskaya, Richard & Rhonda Goldman Distinguished Chair, Mathematics, ,UC Berkeley
795. Klaus Stefan Holler , Dr. med.,ENT outpat. and clinic
796. Edoardo Ballini, PhD student,University of Trento
797. Malte Mahlerwein ,,Practice
798. Ulrich Vogt, Dr.-Ing.,University of STuttgart
799. Dr. Gernot Wappenhans, Doktor rer.pol. Universität Göttingen,Alumnus
800. Francesca Saxler , Dr. Univ Bologna ,Privat
801. Winfried Kayser, M.D., Internal Medicine, Palliative Care,self-employed
802. Horst Klappstein, none,Palliative care team wendland
803. Wilhelm Bschor, Retired,Fritz-Reuter-Gymnasium Dannenberg
804. Iryna Trofymovych, Purchaser Services for Research,MDC Berlin-Buch
805. Emese Ratkai, PhD student ,Berlin Institute of Systems Biology, Max Delbrück Centre
806. Angelika Bonitz, Rentnerin,entfällt
807. Dr. Ebba Käse, Doctor of Medicine,German neurological Society
808. Ali Khademhosseini, Professor of Bioengineering,Terasaki lnstitute
809. Pavel Bacherikov, PhD Candidate,Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley
810. Gleb Yushin, Professor of Materials Science ,Georgia Institute of Technology
811. Jan Grobovsek, Professor of Economics,School of Economics, University of Edinburgh
812. Ekaterina Zhuravskaya , Professor of Economics,Paris School of Economics
813. Lars Harhoff Andersen , PhD Fellow,Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen
814. Julian Reif, Associate Professor of Finance and Economics,Department of Finance, University of Illinois
815. Asger Mose Wingender, Associate Professor of Economics,Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen
816. Dzhamilya Nigmatulina, Assistant Professor of Economics ,HEC Lausanne
817. Meike Leiske, Junior Professor of Macromolecular Chemistry ,Department of Macromolecular Chemistry, University of Bayreuth
818. Michał Myck , Dr,Centre for Economic Analysis CenEA, Szczecin
819. Gabriele Gratton, Professor of Politcs and Economics,UNSW Business School, UNSW Sydney
820. Joao Conde, Professor and Vice-Dean for Research,Nova Medical School
821. Jim Leitzel, Executive Director, Public Policy Studies,University of Chicago
822. Yves Cohen, historien,Centre de recherches historiques (EHESS)
823. Alberto Bisin, Professor of Economics,New York University
824. Danilo Guaitoli, Clinical Assistant Professor,Dept of Economics, New York University
825. Claudio Ferraz, Professor ,Department of Economics, University of British Columbia
826. Francesco Amodeo , Ph.D. Candidate in Economics,Department of Economics, UC San Diego
827. Tymofiy Mylovanov, President ,Kyiv School of Economics
828. Paolo Ghirardato , Professor of Mathematical Economics ,Collegio Carlo Alberto, University of Torino
829. Suvi Kaikkonen, PhD student,University of Helsinki
830. Mikhail Feigelman, Professor of Physics,Nanocenter Ljubljana
831. Sylvie Chalon, Research Director,Inserm
832. Stefan Kaulitz, Dr. med.,Universitätsklinik Würzburg
833. Fabio Stanchi, Senior scientist,Preclinical research Center, MDC Berlin
834. Igor Kulkov, Physicist,retiree
835. Pietro Panizza, Researcher in Economics,Università di Napoli Federico II
836. Jürgen Berger, Physicist,
837. Daniel Ershov, Assistant Professor of Marketing & Analytics,University College London, School of Management
838. Nina Grexa, PhD student,Medical systems biology, MDC
839. Aleksandr Zhukhovitskiy, Assistant Professor of Chemistry,Department of Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
840. Igor Shagalov, Dr,London School of Economics and Political Science
841. Andrew Kosenko, Assistant Professor of Economics,Department of Economics and Finance, School of Management, Marist College
842. Paul Halpern, Professor of Physics,Saint Joseph’s University
843. Ilona Tomova, Professor of Sociology ,Institute of Population and Human Studies – Bulgarian Academy of Science
844. Ilias Sibgatullin, Dr.,ENS de Lyon
845. Monika Nalepa, Professor of political science ,The University of Chicago
846. Ali Shourideh, Associate Professor of Economics,Carnegie Mellon University
847. O. Markstaedter, Teacher,Dbg
848. Francesco Campo, Assistant Professor of Economic Policy,University of Padova
849. Elena Jolicoeur, Professor of Physics,Independent Researcher
850. Alexander Spokoyny, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry,UCLA
851. Gary Landreth, Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology and Physiology,Indiana University, Stark Neuroscience Research Institute
852. Kliment Angelov, Chief Assistant, PhD, Engineer ,Technical University of Sofia
853. Klaus Mross, MD PhD,retired
854. Krefter, Heiko, Dr. med.,retired
855. Alexander Kuznetsov, Doctor of Biological Sciences,Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technion, Haifa
856. Ariane Afsari, MA,German Culture Forum for Central and Eastern Europe
857. carsten cordes, rentner,ich bin gegen den krieg
858. Fayina Ioffe, Mrs,Jewish Confederation of Ukraine
859. Gabriele Plöger, none,ENT doctor
860. Serguei Netessine, Professor, Senior Vice Dean,The Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania
861. Mikhail Shalaginov, Research Scientist,Massachusetts Institute of Technology
862. Till Koerner, -,-
863. Walker Trimble, Senior Expert,E-Quadrat Science & Education
864. Svitlana Krakovska , Dr., PhD,Applied Climatology Laboratory, Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute
865. Aleksandr Lazutin, директор видавництва,видавництво “Дике Поле”, Запоріжжя
866. Helder Santos, Biomedical Engineering ,UMCG
867. Jozef Kapustka, BM,Postgrad Advanced Studies,The Juilliard School, New York; The Royal Academy of Music, London
868. Hans-Ullrich Ihm, Former Acting Head of Mission,Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Project Co-ordinator in Uzbekistan (PCUz)
867. Natalia Ronkina, Dr.rer.nat. PD. Biologist,Medical School Hannover
868. Dorothée Jelonek, ENT doctor,ENT office Stuttgart, Germany
869. Jens Wienströer , System Engineer,University of Paderborn
870. Boris Chibisov, Mr.,
871. Victor MOSER, Pianist,Osteuropaforum Bonn
872. Johannes Reuter, Dr. med.,Orthopädie
873. Evhen Tsybulenko, Professor of International Law,KyIU, TalTech (Law School)
874. Elsa Körner, Researcher,University of Leipzig and University of Ghent
875. Theodor R. Graser, Customer Project Manager,University Ulm
876. Pierre-Guillaume Méon, Professor of economics,SBS-EM, Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
877. François Dufrasne, Lecturer in pharmaceutical chemistry,University of Brussels
878. Elene Loliashvili, MSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology,Hannover Medical School
879. Nina Arshavsky, Researcher,SERVE Center, University of North Carolina – Greensboro
880. Marina Litinskaya, Lecturer,University of British Columbia
881. Robin R. Gutell, Professor,Department of Integrative Biology, The University of Texas at Austin
882. Nikon Kovalev, PhD,UT Austin
883. Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Professor of Philosophy,H. Skovoroda Institute of Philsophy of NAS Ukraine
884. Lyudmyla Bobina, CEO of N&B Marine Consultants LLC,N&B Marine Consultants LLC
885. Konstantin Guryev , Ph.D. in Economics,
886. Tatjana Abramssom, PhD, Assistant Professor, retired,St. Petersburg State Architectural University

887. Volker Banaditsch, Dipl. Designer,B-plus-media
888. Sviatoslav Baranets, Professor of Chemistry,Louisiana State University
889. Dmitri Talapin, Professor of Chemistry,University of Chicago
890. Nicolas Quesada, Assistant Professor,Physics, Polytechnique Montreal
891. Mathias Bavay, PhD,WSL institute for snow and avalanche research
892. Sam Ramer, Associate Professor of History,History Department, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana
893. Kateryna Synytsya, PhD in Computer Science,IRTC for Information Technologies and Systems, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
894. Daria Onichtchouk , PI,University of Freiburg
895. Gerhard Oberschlick, Editor,FORVM. Intl.Zs f kulturelle Freiheit, politische Gleichheit, solidarische Arbeit
896. Denys Bondar, Associate Professor of Physics,Tulane University
897. Lev Kaplan, Professor of Physics,Tulane University
898. Scott Grayson, Professor,Tulane University
899. Howard Davis, Emeritus Professor,School of History, Law and Social Sciences, Bangor University
900. Thomas Lion, Professor of Medicine, MD, PhD, MSc,Medical University of Vienna, St.Anna Children´s Cancer research Institute Cancer
901. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Johannes Bott, Professor for Medical Informatics, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover
902. Marie-Claude Bay, Dr. rer. nat., Empa
903. Markus Klass, Software Enginee.
904. Oliver Lieber, Dr. rer. pol.,
905. Rudolf Grimm, Professor of Experimental Physics, University of Innsbruck, University of Innsbruck
906. Andreas Stadler, Vositzender Richter am Landgericht, Dr. jur., LL.M (Iowa), Landgericht Leipzig
907. Markus Kremser, Journalist
908. Martin Schmid, Dr., Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen
909. Klaus Pape,
910. Hanns-Christoph Nägerl, Professor of Physics, University of Innsbruck


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