How science helps resist the archaic, explains Eugene Koonin, Senior Investigator at the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the U.S. National Institutes of Health.
How do random variability, heredity, and selection work in cultural evolution? Wars as fluctuations in cultural evolution, lessons from Franklin's missing expedition, hierarchy of prestige, copying of skills, level of trust and natural selection of ideas, competitive environments without wars — Alexander Markov talks about all this in episode 4 of the podcast «Invasion».
Is modern war in terms of cultural evolution the norm or the terrible exception? Was Steven Pinker wrong when he wrote his book «The Best in Us: Why There's Less Violence in the World»? Aleksandr Markov, doctor of biological sciences, argues in episode 3 of Olga Orlova's podcast «Invasion. Science in a Time of War.»
What are the ideological, historical, mythological, and psychological reasons for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We talk about this in a podcast interview with the author of the book The End of the Russian World? On the Ideological Foundations of Russian Aggression, Polish diplomat and publicist Piotr Skwieczynski.
Science during war with the voices of scientists from Ukraine. Why Ukrainian scientists are not given scientific visas to the USA and other countries? How to help scientists who stay to work in Ukraine? What kind of science is possible in Ukraine of the future? Episode 1. Podcast Invasion.