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«Russian World» as a synonym for Russian military aggression

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Researchers and publicists from different countries are looking for the sources of Russian aggression in 2022. Many see them in the country’s history, its imperial past, and possibly its present.

We talk about this in a podcast with Polish diplomat, writer, publicist Piotr Skwiecinski, author of the book “The End of the Russian World? On the Ideological Foundations of Russian Aggression” (in Polish: «Koniec ruskiego miru? O ideowych źródłach rosyjskiej agresji»), recently published by the Warsaw publishing house «Teologia Polityczna».

It examines not only the ideological but also the historical and mythological foundations of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, summarizing the experience of Russian history from the time of Ivan the Terrible, other tsars and autocratic emperors, to the Communist era. In the podcast we elaborate on the reign of Alexander the Third.

Through the Polish lens, Piotr Skwiecinski looks not only at Russian history but also at its current realities, trying to understand why Russian society supports the invasion.

We also discuss in the podcast the meaning of the question mark in the book’s title and why the term «Russian world» is not written in Polish (this phrase is already firmly embedded in the Polish language as a synonym for Russian military aggression, the author states).

Podcast hero:

Piotr Skwiecinski — lived in Russia for many years, in recent years (until April 2022) worked as head of the Cultural Center at the Polish Embassy in Moscow. Expelled from Russia, along with a group of Polish diplomats after the outbreak of full-scale war. A historian by training, journalist until 2019 (including president of the Polish Press Agency, columnist for «Życia», «Rzeczpospolita» and the weekly «w Sieci»). Including covering the Russian protests of 2011-2012 and beyond. Currently a diplomat.

Podcast in Russian.
Authors: Evgeny Nasyrov, Yegor Chizhov.

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