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It is now impossible in Russia to freely discuss the important things. The media in Russia can no longer describe and analyze the ongoing catastrophe and call things by the names they are called. Honest reflection is taboo or outlawed.

The T-invariant is created to become a free media platform: the editors and scientists are located outside of Russia, and this is a deliberate position in the current circumstances. But we are not starting our media from scratch; on the contrary, we are following in the footsteps of our colleagues — scientists and science journalists — who have established a tradition of regular reflection on scientific policy, scientific advances, and social processes. The tradition of scientists evaluating the transient or tragic events according to their own invariants.

An invariant is something that remains unchanged with respect to circumstances, even when the point of view shifts. Almost every scientific field has its own invariants — the speed of light in physics, elemental composition in chemistry, the genetic code in biology, the same for all living organisms.

The invariants of a developing civilization are rationality, creative and critical thinking, the quest to grasp the picture of the world. In the most concentrated form these invariants are represented in science.

The T-invariant is a media with the mission to constantly remind us of these timeless civilizational invariants, and to unite the community of people who hold them as living values.

Today our picture of the world is disfigured by war, crushing thousands of priceless lives. It also destroys the invariants of civilization. This is a war of the archaic with the future. It is therefore not surprising that hundreds of thousands of scientists around the world have spoken out against the war. Among them there are many who have left Russia and those who have remained in it. We want the voices of all scientists who defend their constants to be heard.

The confrontation between civilization and archaicism is not an episode, but the way of human history. There have been victories and defeats along the way. And the fact that now the territory of the Russian language is temporarily occupied by archaic forces, the fact that they use it for destructive lies, does not mean that our language should be abandoned. On the contrary, we should be even more active in discussing in Russian the time-invariant values of science and civilization. For centuries, they have been making their way through wars and historical contexts. Our picture of the world is incomplete, and now it is also partially destroyed. It is time to rebuild it. We have a lot of work to do.

T-invariant Editorial Board

P. S. The occupation by the archaic forces of Russia’s information space has a specific manifestation in our case. The T-invariant website has been blocked in Russia since last spring, due to the publication of an anti-war letter from scientists on it, and it is impossible to read us there without a VPN. However, we are sure that you will find a solution, and also subscribe to us on podcast platforms, YouTube and social networks.

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