Relocation War

Philosophical scooter: How does academic solidarity work in an age of catastrophe?

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T-invariant is launching a series of videos called «Philosophical Scooter». Conversations with scholars who left Russia at different times. The first issue is devoted to emigration to Israel.

In 1922 — 1923, the Soviet authorities expelled prominent figures of science and culture from the country. Scientists sailed from Petrograd, Odessa, and Sevastopol, leaving by train from Moscow. One hundred years later, thousands of scientists are still leaving Russia, who have not only «stylistic disagreements» with the authorities.

The first issue of «Brain Drain: How Scientists Go to Israel»The first issue is devoted to the country with the most Russian scientists who left Russia after February 24, 2022. What are the peculiarities of this wave of emigration? What questions in scholarly ethics did the war raise? How does academic solidarity work in an age of catastrophe? What awaits those who were forced to suddenly abandon their laboratories and faculties in their homeland? We discuss with Yakov Krasik, Professor, Department of Physics, The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.