Chronicles of persecution of scientists

Pavel Kolosnitsyn

Pavel Kolosnitsyn
Date of incident: April 6, 2023
Type of violation: fine
Institution: Novgorod University

Summary: In January, police drew up an administrative report against archaeologist Pavel Kolosnitsyn from Novgorod University for his comment on a post about mobilization, in which he assessed Russia’s losses in Ukraine. On February 21, the court fined Kolosnitsyn 30 thousand rubles. for abuse of freedom of the media (part 9 of article 13.15 of the Administrative Code). The scientist said he would appeal the decision. On April 6, the Novgorod District Court left the court decision unchanged. Earlier, Kolosnitsyn said that a denunciation against him was written by an acquaintance from another city.
Source: North.Realities