«At first I thought it was a fake» — scientists on religious fundamentalism of the Institute of General Genetics director

A.M. Kudryavtsev, cor­re­spond­ing mem­ber of the RAS, direc­tor of the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics of the RAS, made a bla­tant­ly fun­da­men­tal­ist pre­sen­ta­tion at a the­o­log­i­cal con­fer­ence. He claimed that muta­tions are caused by sins, that human lifes­pans are short­en­ing because bib­li­cal char­ac­ters lived for hun­dreds of years, and that Russia is forced to war because peo­ple in neigh­bor­ing coun­tries have mul­ti­plied too much. «At first I thought it was a fake,» write with­out col­lu­sion in response to the obscu­ran­tism Acad. Alexei Khokhlov and bioin­for­mati­cian Alexander Panchin. There is also a response from the head of the RAS Commission against Pseudoscience, Acad. Eugene Alexandrov.