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Ilya Inishev

Ilya Inishev
Date of incident: December 27, 2022
Type of violation: Dismissal
Institution: Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow

Summary: On December 27, 2022, the Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow fired Ilya Inishev, who had been a professor at the HSE since 2010, where he headed the master’s program in Cultural Studies.
Sources: Insider SibReal Doxa
Code of Conduct for HSE University Staff

In November 2022, the chairman of the HSE Academic Ethics Committee told Ilya Inishev that the use of obscene words could lead to his conviction under the code of ethics.
On December 27, 2022, the HSE in Moscow fired Ilya Inishev, who since 2010 held the position of professor at the HSE, where he led the master’s program in Cultural Studies.
The decision to dismiss was officially carried out by the “commission on academic ethics”, however, according to Ilya Inishev, the ideologist of the dismissal could be HSE Vice-Rector Koshel Alexey Sergeevich, a member of the Moscow Public Chamber, Doctor of Law, Professor at the Faculty of Law at the Higher School of Economics.
Ilya Inishev was officially fired for an “immoral act,” as the ethics commission called the use of obscene language in a comment on a Facebook post published back in the spring, although the real reason for his dismissal was his anti-war views, which he expressed on his social media accounts.